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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Modern Map Art

2 posts in one week?! I'm already beating last year's schedule record, by about 200%!

Remember in the last post I mentioned about product reviews? Here's your first one. It's pretty cool, too.

I was contacted awhile back, like maybe a month ago, by Jennifer from Modern Map Art asking if I would like a free print in exchange for a review. I actually hesitated. I couldn't just take time off from posting and then spam you all with product reviews. That's never been what this blog was about.

But I took a peek at the site. Then another. Then showed it to my husband. Then looked again.

I wanted to do this!

I don't know about you, but I hate buying things that I feel like I could do myself. Unless it's time vs. money. My husband is real big on saving time vs. money. But I've always thought prints, and art in general, are something that should represent yourself and style. Should be selected with care, or have some kind of memory attached to it. SOMETHING personal involved with it. I'm very picky.

So for me to actually purchase art, I have to like it. REALLY like it.

Guys, these prints are beautiful.

They're definitely something I could do. If I had the time, the patience, the equipment, the desire, etc. These aren't as easy to recreate as you would think, and I'm one to underestimate the time it takes to create something. So you know these took forever to master.

Time Vs. Money.

I don't have the time nor the money to make something this quality for the price they're charging.

The best thing? New orders receive 10% off when you sign up for their emails.

To order something, click here.

Now that I talked the product up so much, maybe I should show it to you?

It took me probably longer than a normal person to decide which print and size I wanted, and they were great at helping me.
So communicating: Check!

The turn around from ordering to receiving was quick. I ordered it on a Thursday and got the print, I think, on Tuesday. She even emailed me with the tracking number and asked that I let her know when it comes, and I had to reply with "It already came!"
Delivery: Check!

It was delivered in a super sturdy tube too, so no damage. The print was also wrapped in tissue paper so it didn't stick to itself or anything.
Packaging: Check!

My ONE complaint. And it's not a complaint, really. It's a matte print. Which makes it way higher quality than I was expecting. But I'm not a high quality person usually. Remember? Lots of pets and kids in this house. Things get destroyed fast. Because it was rolled up so well, it wouldn't lay flat for a good picture without rolling back up. Because of it being a matte print, it scratched a little bit. I'm pretty sure I'm the only one that can tell. And It's only because I was examining the thing to be fully honest with everyone. So I went and got a poster frame for it as fast as I could to keep it safe. I knew that it would never be able to be freely hung all cute on a board like the pictures on the site show. Maybe in another house, it could survive that. But not here. Because of needing to frame it though, I don't have any good pictures of the complete print. Once framed, you don't see any of the scratches (told you I was probably the only one that would've noticed them in the first place) and it stays protected.

Can you see the scratch? Yeah, me neither now.

So if you get one, and I highly recommend you should take a look (the watercolor skylines are beautiful, but didn't have Pittsburgh), make sure you use those 4 days waiting for it to get your frame. I just got a cheap one from Target. I didn't want a thick one to take away from the print.

And the kids think it's super cool. They like looking at it trying to figure out what everything is on the map.

Can you find Point State Park? Kids loved figuring that out!

Currently it's mixed among the family pictures in the living room. One day, we will have a proper game room, and I know exactly where it will go then. It's the perfect team colors to tie all the sports together. Not too yellow, not too orange. Perfect colors.

To be completely clear, because I don't want you to think I'm trying to deceive you, I will get a percent of what you buy when using that link, and I did receive the product for free in exchange for a review. But I would tell you if this was crap and its not. All opinions are my own.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Didn't Expect This

Betcha didn't expect to see a post from me when you checked your email today, did you?

Hello! I know, I know. December 2013. That was the last time you had a smiley post from yours truly. I'm sorry. I missed you guys. Since we last talked, I would write posts in my head constantly! I would try a new product and be like "I HAVE to post about this!" I even took pictures sometimes, too.

But nope.

Never put the words to post.

I'm sorry.

I'm gonna let you in on a secret.

Blogging is hard.

Like, really hard!

Even harder when you're pregnant.

So, since the last time I've posted I've had 2 more children. TWO MORE! And added a puppy and 4 snails to our little collection of pets.

So let's recap, shall we. There's me, my husband, Pumpkin (who's now 7), Snowflake (just turned 5), Sonny (will be 3 in June), and the Baby (a girl, born December 1). Toots (black and white cat),  Ziva (mostly all black cat), Colby (a guppy), Mia (the puppy), and the 4 snails that they wanted to name after ourselves but can't remember who's who.

That's a LOT!

But I missed talking to all of you, so I'm back. Probably won't be every day. Some weeks might have daily postings; some might have none at all. But we'll go on this adventure together.

I have some stuff to talk about though. Some product reviews to do. Some projects to do around the house. Some small room shake ups. So I hope you all want to join along with me on the ride.