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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Didn't Expect This

Betcha didn't expect to see a post from me when you checked your email today, did you?

Hello! I know, I know. December 2013. That was the last time you had a smiley post from yours truly. I'm sorry. I missed you guys. Since we last talked, I would write posts in my head constantly! I would try a new product and be like "I HAVE to post about this!" I even took pictures sometimes, too.

But nope.

Never put the words to post.

I'm sorry.

I'm gonna let you in on a secret.

Blogging is hard.

Like, really hard!

Even harder when you're pregnant.

So, since the last time I've posted I've had 2 more children. TWO MORE! And added a puppy and 4 snails to our little collection of pets.

So let's recap, shall we. There's me, my husband, Pumpkin (who's now 7), Snowflake (just turned 5), Sonny (will be 3 in June), and the Baby (a girl, born December 1). Toots (black and white cat),  Ziva (mostly all black cat), Colby (a guppy), Mia (the puppy), and the 4 snails that they wanted to name after ourselves but can't remember who's who.

That's a LOT!

But I missed talking to all of you, so I'm back. Probably won't be every day. Some weeks might have daily postings; some might have none at all. But we'll go on this adventure together.

I have some stuff to talk about though. Some product reviews to do. Some projects to do around the house. Some small room shake ups. So I hope you all want to join along with me on the ride.

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