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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Living Room Products

Hey all! Last night I posted about my living room and pulling up all the carpet. Then I posted a whole bunch of pictures of where it stands now look-wise, but didn't include any of where to get the stuff!

So sorry!

You'll quickly find out that I love Ikea. And Target. In fact, I would say about 80% of any decorative item that wasn't handmade or a gift is probably from one of those two places. So I'll start with Ikea items.

This couch is the Vreta Sofa as you can see from here. Also, not shown is the Vreta Swivel/reclining/armchair. Both of these pieces are 5 years old and still in wonderful shape. I'm pretty sure the recliner has been slept in more then our bed... It's just that comfortable. But, alas, neither really fit into this house without taking up major floor real-estate.

This new couch is the Ektorp Corner sofa. The white cover is the cheapest, and the easiest to clean. Machine washable people! And can add a little bleach even though they say you can't. And if it gets really bad, only $100 to buy a new one. Much cheaper then a new couch.

Of course we had to get the Ektorp footstool to match. And the hidden storage is a nice bonus. Right now is a much of Tide pens and blankets. Still tons of room in there. I think the girls and I tend to sit on it a almost as much as the couch. Well, I sit. The girls stand, lay, jump off of it, etc...

See the awesome polka dotted rug there? Yup. That's also Ikea. Wonderful name, too. Ullgump rug. Comes in a fun orange color, also, that was used by Thistlewood Farm in a kitchen!

The fake sheep skin (Tejn Faux sheepskin) is a budget friendly version of the real one they also sell. The real one's softer, but 3 times the price. We have black cats and kids. I'll take the fake one.

The pillows and curtains look really dark in this picture, but they're a medium dark lilac. The dining room was color matched to the curtains, So I needed to add it in the living room, too. They don't sell the curtains anymore, which is sad because they're so rich looking and still let some light in. The pillows are called Granat cushion though.

And gasp! But that throw and the floor pillow next to the couch isn't from Ikea. The throw was a Christmas gift about 9 or so years ago from my (then) future brother-in-law's sister. It's from Old Navy, and used a lot in our house. The faux leather floor cushion is from Target about 5 years ago. We have another one, but it's blocking the before mentioned chair from being accessed and climbed on by the fearless 18 month old in the house.

The paint colors are from the Pantone line at Lowe's, but color matched into other brands.

The walls are Pantone Charcoal Grey color matched at Busy beaver in Dutch Boy Paint and Primer in one. Loved it. It dried so nicely. The living room is about 15'x15' and I used a gallon and a half. But that window wall is paneling and used 3 coats and still a little streaky. It sucked the paint up like a sponge.

The floor and trim color is Pantone Cloud Dancer color matched at Home Depot in Glidden's Porch and Floor paint. This does not smell as good as normal paint. I read that trick about adding vanilla to paint to help the smell, but I was afraid to do that to a white shade. Originally, I had only put 2 coats of paint, and that looked great, but since plywood is a soft wood, it digged up a bit with the toys and one of my frames that kept falling. Easy fix though. I just took a brush and about 30 minutes total (including clean up time) I repainted a third coat to the main walking area and it was as good as new! The was about 2 weeks ago, and you can see it's still fresh looking. But next time I paint a floor, I'll probably go straight to adding either 3-4 coats or a topcoat of clear polyacrylic. That'll make it harder and last longer. The 2-ish coats I did use only used about a gallon of paint.

So I hope that answers any questions about what was new in the living room. So far, I'm more then pleased with the results, and it's been about 2 months now and standing up to the abuse we put on it!


  1. Don't you love that rug! I bought that one for the craft room, too! Thank you so much for the shout out on your blog!!!!! I truly appreciate it!

    Happy day to you!

    1. I do! You really can't beat the price for it.. I wish it was in gray or yellow though.. Totally would've loved a yellow one!

  2. I want the polka dot rug! You're giving me inspiration for when we buy a house. Looks awesome!


    1. Thanks! The rug is such an easy fun addition! It really can go with anything!