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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Cheerios Commercial

Has anyone else seen the newest (at least to me) Cheerios commercial? In case you haven't, here you go... but have your tissues ready.

I rarely get to watch "grown up television". The girls kinda take control of the house. So I use Tivo to my advantage to keep up with my Hoda and KLG. That's how I keep up to date on the news.

Anyways, this commercial came on and I didn't get a chance to fast-forward like I normally do.. and OMG. It demanded my attention and then proceeded to make me cry! I'm not even missing a Nana. Both my grandmothers are alive and well. And I hate Cheerios. Never liked them, and after that was my oldest daughter's favorite food to feed us for about 6 months straight, I hated them even more. (Although, some of the newer flavors aren't horrible.) The commercial doesn't make me like the cereal anymore then I normally do, but it does make me think about anything I might have to connect me to those I care about after they're gone. Sadly, I don't think I actually own to much other than pictures, but I'm gonna get moving on that. I say we all take a Cheerios movement and find something, anything, that connects us to those that we love that we can remember them by when we chance upon it. Like the smell of the earth after it rains, or even a highly chlorinated pool.


Let me know what you have that gives you a quick connection to a loved one in the comments below.

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