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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Home Goods

Have any of you ever been to a store called Home Goods? It's a part of the T.J. Maxx/Marshall's line of stores. I've heard of it and always wanted to go, but our closest one was out by our Ikea. And we never go to Ikea without the girls unless picking up bigger furniture. So, we avoided going so that we wouldn't buy anything they broke.

Well, that was part of my shopping on Sunday.

I fell in love with half the store. There are 3 rugs, averaging about $300 each for 8'x10' and a mercury/amber/metal pumpkin that I've claimed as mine when I can get them. I hid the pumpkin in the wastebasket section, so if you see it, it's mine.

I always wanted apothecary jars. I just think those lined up with cloches, candle sticks, and old books would just compliment any decor. But I haven't found any in a shape and size that I like for a price I'm willing to pay.. until I walked into Home Goods.

First thing to the right was glass. Shelves upon shelves of glass on display. I was soo giddy. And then I saw it. An apothecary jar. The glass was so fragile looking. The lines were so.. sexy.

And the price was so perfect... for next week after we get paid.

Brian gets paid once a month. He's our main source of money. Everything gets paid for at the beginning of the month, so taking me to Ikea and then Home goods days before payday was killing me. It wasn't a time for frivolousness. And I already bought stuff at Ikea, and the day before after watching The Wizard of Oz.

But that's ok, because right below it was one about half the size for half the price! Perfect!

You would've thought it was my baby. I refused to put it down. I didn't want it breaking in the cart or for someone to see it on the shelf... I coddled that thing. And after lusting after these giant rugs and the pumpkin, I bought it.

So now it sits on my fireplace waiting for next weekend when I can buy it's big sister. It's not alone. It's with my candle sticks and ghosts. And I've been playing with the fillers...

So this is what it looks like now. I like it, so I think I'm gonna stop changing it.

It's filled with dried beans and acorns from the yard.

P.S. for you locals... There's a new one opening about 10 miles closer to us! The grand opening is October 20th. I will be there at some point!


  1. LOVE Home Goods! Had one in Maryland about 7 miles from where we lived and imagine my joy when I found one just up the road from where I live in Myrtle Beach :-)

    1. I'm a bit jealous! 7 miles is soo much closer then our "other side of the city!".. but one's coming closer.. I have a feeling I'm going to be just a tad bit more broke.. because all the money I'll be saving from gas will be used to buy things!

  2. Love Home Goods! I wish we had one that was closer! Awesome fall decorating!

    Happy day to you rock star!

    1. Thank you so much! That's a HUGE compliment coming from you!