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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Picture Ledges Are Up!

I know, it's about time! I finally have them up! They've been laying on my record player for what feels like forever, but they're up! I still need to find more frames and decide on whether or not they're going to be uniformed in color or just as is. And I need pictures in them. And I need other stuff up to stylize it. And and and... but they're up! So I'm posting for you all because all that other stuff will probably take another month or so and will be constantly changing anyways.

Last you saw them, they looked like this:

And the wall they were going up onto looked like this:

That's the best I have of that giant gray empty space. I tried to cut it out of any photo I took. It just stared at me. Everyday. The "mantel wall" does, too, but that's next.

So this weekend my Dad came to use power tools that I don't have yet to mount them up. I really didn't want these things to fall down. Well, one did. While holding them up to see how and where to place them for the best look. Nearly had a heart attack!

Thankfully, he thought to bring smaller screws he just happened to have laying around in his drill case from working on his fense. So he reinforced them with 3 screws each to the fronts and the backs before we continued with our mapping them out and finding studs moment.

So after finding where the studs are on the wall and holding them up to find the heights, he drilled small holes in the ledges and up they went. No pictures for any of this drilling since I was holding while he was drilling. Brian was upstairs getting Snowflake to nap, and Pumpkin was being Pumpkin.

Here they are with some frames and stuff up there. They're not balanced at all, I still need to work on it, but fills up the space nicely! If you look closely, you can see the 3 screws holding the front piece on. They're in the same spot underneath, too. I need to go in with a small paint brush and some paint to cover up those screws, and it'll be done! Pumpkin wanted to help put up the frames, so she did most of the bottom rail. She did a good job, too.

Newer pictures with more frames that need new pictures in them:

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