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Friday, September 13, 2013

Vase Remake

On Saturday, there was an Ikea event. As if we really needed another reason to go. They had a sort of scratch-off card for the first 500 people to win different prizes and such.

Well, we won a free (originally 79 cents, but who's counting?) glass vase.

It's on the smaller side, but I figured since this one was free, I would try to make it look similar to milk glass. If it looked nice, I could gather a bunch of other nice-but-not-right vases to put with my window mirror on the mantel I don't have yet.

A lot of future planning in that sentence.

So I looked up "diy milk glass" (thank you Pinterest peeps) and decided that buying white glossy spray paint would either make it look like milk glass or porcelain. I was game with either look.

So off I go shopping and hit up KMart. Birthday coupons allowed me to get a small working vacuum for Pumpkin for her birthday (she's been asking for a real one) and spray paint and a few other things for $10 off. Don't you just love coupons?! It was like buying what I wanted to get anyways, and the paint was free!

They have an off-brand there for half the price of Rustoleum, and I contemplated getting it, but it only listed metal and wood. Since I was spraying glass, I wanted that extra listing of "plastic*".

Here's the awesome free vase. It already had the 3D dots randomly on it giving it a contemporary milk glass look anyways, so I immediately thought it was a perfect fit for this project.

And so you can see the paint choice and the scale of the vase, here they are side-by-side. I actually ended up spray painting it in the box to control overspray.

And ta-da! It's done. Not too shabby, or maybe shabby enough for the current "shabby-chic" trend? You decide. Either way, this project didn't use up an entire can of spray paint, so I think I'm going to be making a few more of these in varies sizes and shapes to put on my not-here yet mantel. (Maybe if I publicly mention it enough, it'll happen lol)

Edit/Update:.. Sooo.. if you do this, don't do what I did....

There was a section of paint that came off in one area, so I thought "no big deal, I'll just add another coat of paint"... Well.. the humidity and extra coat of paint killed my vase :(

It all peeled off, so now I'm off to trying to find actual glass paint to try this again. It really did look just like white porcelain, if I didn't mess it up. So don't be afraid to try this out at home... just don't touch the thing for a long long time. And be very careful when you do, it chips/peels super easily!

But I just did all the hard work for you. Good thing it was "free".


  1. I have that same vase, but mine cost me money. Also you could try coating the inside of the vase of you don't want to use it to hold water.

    1. But i do want it to hold water, and I'm afraid that even if I put fake flowers in, regular paint would scratch. So I'm going to buy glass paint that cures so it can be washable etc... Then start all over again. lol