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Friday, September 6, 2013

September 6, 2013

Dear blogosphere,
     Once again, I have nothing but random rumblings. Sorry.

So, Pumpkin has done a full-ish week of school already. Where has the time gone? She was so little not so very long ago. Really, she was.

The picture on the left was just from May; the one on the right from last night. Can you see the difference? No? We can.

On top of that, she got a small cold her first day of school. I know it starts up when they start to go, but the first day? Really? So it's been being passed around from kid to adult and back again. Maybe that has something to do with my bloggers' block?

Anyone else been reading the blog wars? You know what I mean. One mom blogger wrote about the teenager girls posting inappropriate pictures on facebook, but then made her post seem condescending by showing similar pictures of her boys, thus losing any credence from the writing. While her blog has never had nearly as many comments in her life stating as much. Then another blogger posted a joking form of it getting tons of raves. And then original blogger reposts hers with better pictures.

My goodness people. Its a blog. It's a mom stating on her own blog what her family thinks when they see certain things. Good for both of them for writing what they want and taking the comments in stride knowing that what you put out there on the internet makes you prone for criticism.

In case you did miss it, here are the 2 post: Updated, Mocking. She took down the one with the beach pictures. Yeah. People got hung up on pictures of kids on the beach.

Someone needs to get on this by the way. We need a tv show called "Blog Wars", but needs to be totally planned and scripted so that no one's feelings get hurt for just stating their opinion.

And to end this post with some more cute pictures of my scantily clad children, because I'm having a family overload and need to remind myself that my family is awesome. Even when they're chewing the DVDs and having runny noses.

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