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Friday, September 20, 2013

Snowflake's Nursery

All that talk about doing Pumpkin's room reminded me that I haven't shown you Snowflake's yet. She's almost 20 months old, and it's still not done. But it's in the running with the living room on level of "doneness", which will be never ending.

I took a picture of the door, but then realized that you can see her name. So, sorry, but you only get to see part of it.

Her room is a nice mix of old and new and new to us. That chair was a Craigslist find. $25 for an Ethan Allen wingback chair in all the right colors. I was sold. Nightstand: a $30 walmart one we bought for Pumpkin's nursery, then painted it. The rug and mirror are from Ikea, but the mirror is painted glossy white. Lamp is from Target. We bought it about 5 years ago for our living room in our apartment, but it fits better in here now.

Crib is from We had gotten a gift card, waited til it was on sale, used ebates for cash back (which I link to on the right above my "about me" section) and had a 15% off. All with free shipping. I think it cost us, out of pocket final expense, about $25.

The birds on a branch on the wall? It's a wall decal and it's amazing. I looked everywhere for one that was just right and I found that one on Etsy. You're able to customize it, but it was perfect just the way it was. Even though it was made to order, the seller was extremely fast with it.

Bedding's from Babies R Us, but is now discontinued. It was considered "boy bedding", but I think it works great for our little girl.

The dresser was Brian's uncle's (from the 70's?) painted to match the nightstand. The frames were discounted at BRU, we're a little behind on putting photos in ALL the frames, but we did manage to get her footprints in at about 6 weeks old. And the canvases are blank canvases on sale from Pat Catans and I put those wall decals that matched the bedding on with mod podge. A simple project, but ended up completing that space.

Frame matches the mirror from Ikea, same spray paint and everything. And it is a frame... a nice empty one. It comes in white now, but didn't 2 years ago. And can you see that hanging lamp? That's from my Grandma's 93 year old sister. I have no idea how old that lamp is, but when she said I could have it, I'm pretty sure my eyes were as big as that globe. Isn't it gorgeous?! It kinda looks like the moon at night time. We put it on a dimmer so we can adjust the brightness when needed since it's over the changing pad.

That's about it. All curtains, including the one replacing the closet door came from Lakeside Collection. The goldish ones actually were bought a year before getting pregnant for our kitchen glass doors, but I never liked them there and just hung onto them. Glad I did, because it fits in perfectly.

These hooks are Umbra, but bought from I can't find them anymore, but here are the over-the-door version of them. They still need put up.

Here are some of the little details:

 I need to find a before picture for you all, but here's a "during" picture. A LOT of work went into this room. It used to be a kitchen! The wall with the bird decal? It's curved and made of brick... because it was a fireplace. Where the dresser is, underneath the flooring is capped off gas pipes, and the wall behind the canvases was a whole for a window. You were able to see straight to the back of the siding. So we had to add installation. And the floor in front of the closet is slanted uphill. And the floor under the flooring we added was tile. I'm not sure what kind, but it looked like the kind you find in older basements around here. It was definitely a strange room to remake. And probably needed it the most.

None of that was visible before we dived in. They had carpet and a built in desk along the wall with the dresser. So my dad basically had to build that whole section of the room. Most of this got done in a month, too.

So I hope you liked it! Maybe one day I can finish it. I want to add a reading wall by the chair, and get those hooks up! And put some pictures in those frames. But until then, it's one of the more finished rooms, and I'm happy with it. And it's held up wonderfully for the past 20 months!

Oh.. the paint is Glidden from Home Depot, color matched to the wooden birds on the mobile. The ceiling is a whiter version of it, and the door and trim is a high gloss white paint. I'm not sure of what kind, It's what my dad had left over from painting my old dresser to give to Pumpkin.

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