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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Unfinished Reviews

I have 2 posts that had unfinished reviews in them. And I promised that I would let you all know when I was able to finish them.

Well, I'm a bit of a slacker. In Books Post I mentioned that I haven't finished Gone Girl yet. I posted that August 20th, and I finished Gone Girl  on the 28th. Sorry. It was amazing. Such a smart book. That's the best I can describe it. Read it. Then that'll make more sense.

And another review left unfinished is the Mega Effects Mascara from the Avon's Calling Post on August 28th. Mainly because it wasn't in at the same time as the rest, but it came last Saturday. So tonight I decided to play with it. Please excuse the bad pictures. I conveniently left all the real cameras downstairs and Brian was putting Snowflake to bed, so I had to use the camera phone and one hand. Also, it's night time. I have no makeup on or contacts in. I just wanted to play.

 So you can see the product itself and next to my usual mascara. This looks like it's so small, but it's .317 ounces versus my usual wand style mascara being .2 oz. So you're not getting jipped on the amount of makeup here.

The handle on the brush is adjustable. I need to play a little more to get it just right, but a quick application and it had so much more coverage much faster then the wand mascara. It's a bit wetter, too though so was a little messy and got on my eyelids. But this was just quick and 1 handed, etc. etc. You get the idea.

No eye makeup at all.

Trying to apply it while taking the photo.

One coat, top lashes only.

Two coats on top, one coat on bottom.

Regular wand mascara, one coat top lashes.

Two coat top, one coat bottom.

Using baby wipes to wipe off mascara, wand side.

Using baby wipes to wipe off mascara, Avon side.

My usual wand mascara is waterproof, and the Avon's is not, and that was obvious. I couldn't get all the makeup off with just a baby wipe when it was my usual, but came right off with the Avon. That can be a good thing, and I knew it wasn't waterproof when buying it. I'm going to try to put side by sides now so you can see the differences.

That's the two coats top lashes and one coat bottom lashes, with the Avon on the right. There is definitely a more of a "wow" factor. And much quicker with the application, even though there's a slight learning curve. Oh, and I didn't use an eyelash curler for any of these either.

I know how my usual macara wears over time, and even though that's waterproof, it still tends to fade throughout the day. And if there's crying, forget about it. So I don't think the Avon's mascara is much of a contest here for overall looks. Just no more preschool drop offs or chic-flicks while wearing it.

But I do think I need to get one of those combs to try to separate them a little more. And I hear someone sells a waterproof coat so you can use non-waterproof makeup, but make it waterproof. Anyone know what that is and where to get it? If you do, please leave it in the comments. I'm curious to find out if I can use this mascara more often!

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