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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Avon's Calling

For my birthday, my Mom got me some Avon stuff that I picked out. I know, I only turned 29 and I'm buying Avon. I've bought things sporadically from there before, but nothing major.

This time around, I got hair products and make-up. How fun. Everything was on their popular lists, so I thought it couldn't hurt.

Advanced Techniques Damage Hair Repair Shampoo, Conditioner, and 3D Rescue Leave-In Treatment.

I've only used these once each (I just got them Monday) and so far I like it. I have damaged hair from dyeing it pretty regularly for the past 15ish years. I also have very thin hair. So, I was worried it would make me greasy instead of just smoother. Definitely wasn't the case. I was able to feel a difference before I finished rinsing my hair out in the shower and it still feels smoother a day later. My hair seems like it'll get a little bit greasier faster, but it still lasted a day before feeling like a greaseball.

This lipstick is the Shine Attract Shimmer Lipstick in Rose Shimmer. It's the color the model is wearing on the site, so I thought it should be a safe color. It's a bit bolder than I'm used to, and it tastes a bit like hairspray. But I haven't found too many lipsticks that taste good. The bad taste makes me not lick my lips as much though, which in turn keeps it on a good amount. So staying power's pretty good and the color's not too bad. It looks better on Pumpkin though (she wanted to try it), so I might just need to practice getting the right coverage with it. It's buildable, too. The above on my hand is about 3 swipes of color.

Next up is Glimmersticks Liquid-Glide Eye Liner in Graphite. It goes on so smoothly, no pull at all. But I don't know if it's the heat or the humidity or what, but it chunks off sometimes if you press a smidgen too hard (you can see a piece on the left side of the line). It's a pretty color though. Classic like black, but not as contrasting to my fair coloring.

This is smudging it right after I took the picture of the solid line. So it smudges nicely.

And this is waiting a little while longer and trying pretty hard to smudge it off without water or anything. This is NOT waterproof and my hand was starting to hurt from the pressure of rubbing it off, so it definitely has staying power. Will it last through allergy season and a sappy chick-flick? No. But a normal day at the office? Most likely.

I also ordered the Mega Effects Mascara. You don't see it, because they sent that Skin So Soft Original Body Lotion instead. That was a big disappointment, because ever since it was a Bobby's Buzz on the Today show with Hoda and KLG, I wanted to try it. But they're sending the mascara out to me, so I'll have it later. 

The lotion isn't bad, a bit thin but I can't wear lotions anyway. They end up wearing me. But the girls love it, so its not a total loss.

So that's that. Don't worry. I don't wear make-up enough to post too many make-up reviews. I was just so excited to get Avon products. It's like I was inducted to the "big-girl make-up club". I know, I'm weird.

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