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Monday, August 12, 2013

Ikea VIP Family Event

On Friday, August 9th, Ikea Pittsburgh hosted a family event in honor of the new catalog release all about designing your home to live with kids. So of course we had to go. Where else would we be on a Friday night?

We got there a little early so Pumpkin and her best friend could play in Smaland for an hour and a half. It was her best friend's first time there, so they were both more excited then usual. Then Snowflake and I walked around and played in the kid's room setups waiting for Brian to get there.

Ikea had some local guest bloggers there showing us some new ways to include children in our everyday living without looking like it's a daycare center. I got to learn some new stuff, and the girls seem to have fun with the activities, too.

There were 4 bloggers there, and I feel bad because the second one didn't have anything set up really, so I couldn't get information to share with you all.

(Natalie's setup in the kitchen display)

(Snowflake really enjoying sorting the letters out of the beans)

The first blogger was Natalie from The Busy Budgeting Mama. She definitely was the most prepared. She had all kinds of set ups to play with. There was a Cheerios counting game (that Snowflake just kept eating from), bubbly apple cider, letter cookies, paper covering the coffee table for kids to draw on, bins filled with bean and foam letters (next to food, Snowflake loved sorting these out), and showcased some of her back-to-school printables that she designs on her blog. Even had cute business cards with all her information on them.

(Dana setting up her water and oil craft for the lava "lamps")

(Dana's son helping Snowflake make her lava bottle)

The third and forth bloggers were a mother/daughter pair. I thought that was cute to be able to share something like that with your mom. The mom blogger was Dana from Pittsburgh Frugal Mom. She shared an awesome craft using water bottles. I really should start saving mine, because I drink more than my fair share. You can find her instructions here. Snowflake was more interesting in the decorating part and eating the alka-seltzer, but the older girls enjoyed them. Be careful though, the blue took over the one bottle and made it nearly black.

(Kallie's cookie setup)

(Snowflake was so happy with her cookie)

The daughter in this blogging duo is just starting her blog, so her site's not up yet. Dana said she'll have her blog link over when it is, and I'll update the links on here when it's up. Kallie from Katch-up With Kallie had a fun cookie decorating setup. My always hungry kids really enjoyed this one. She found some fun glittery sprinkles, which is all Snowflake wanted to eat while the older girls were making their cookies. A bit messy, but they clearly had a great time. Unfortunately, I didn't have my camera when the other 2 were making their stuff. Our arms were getting tired carrying Snowflake and all the stuff that gets accumulated with children, so Brian was taking everything to the car.

Oh, and did I mention that going to all the setups meant we were entered into a sort of Chinese Auction? Well, we didn't win. We never do. But they gave everyone who came out free $10 Ikea bucks to use on a purchase of $20 or more so we did get to walk out with our arms full of pillows for the couch and a new purple blanket. Makes our couch look just that little bit more awesome and closer to finished.

That's what we did Friday night. It was fun and the girls went to sleep fairly quickly once home, so I think they had fun, too. And I got to meet some new bloggers and pick their brains a little bit. So that was fun for me as a new blogger. Hope you enjoy some of what I got to learn and click around their sites. I know I am.

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