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Friday, August 23, 2013

Halloween's Coming

Yeah. You read that right. School starts for Pumpkin next week. Her first time. Preschool. How'd that happen?

You already know I have a Burlap Banner and Tablecloth. I think my metal cheeky pumpkins are going up next week. We even have 2 weird, flat, white pumpkin things on our mantle right now... all mixed in with the bunny and chicks. I know.. clash of the seasons.

(Can someone tell what these things are? Do we eat them?)

But seriously.. the weather's so chilly perfect. At night anyways. And then, when I walked out our front door tonight I see this:

This thing's HUGE. S/he's been around for awhile lately, but is usually hiding. We knock the web down, but it keeps rebuilding it. It's a champ. So what else do I do on this rainy night faced with a giant spider? Why I make a pretty little Halloween themed photo of it, of course!. I might frame it and put it on the photo ledges as a decoration. Why not? It's my photo.

Just crop it a little and add my logo's moon (which is still my photo, I took it last fall) and there you go,  a vision of dreams right there...or maybe nightmares. If you zoom in real close, you can see some eyes! The kids love it.

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