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Thursday, August 29, 2013

New Era

Today's the day of a new era. Or the end of one. I'm not sure which.

It's the last day that Pumpkin doesn't go to school. Today is orientation day.

She officially starts tomorrow. But she's so excited to go to school today for the whole "meet the teacher" and figuring the stuff out day that it's kinda already starting.

We promised that after orientation she will get to pick out a new backpack and a back to school outfit all on her own. I almost think she likes that idea better than school itself.

I'm gonna cry and be a mess, but I'll wait until she doesn't see me. Probably while trying to type up tomorrow's post.

So since I obviously don't have photos yet (you did get this in your e-mail box around 1AM, right? School hasn't started yet), if you're interested, I have an Instagram account.

Also, a new era: I have a smartphone. I'm still figuring it out, but now I can have an Instagram account. Which is what I'm most happy about. So if you want to follow me along there and see my random daily postings (including today's), click here:

I hope that works.

Just so you can see what I'm adjusting from...

Yup... a normal, full keyboard so I can text phone, to an iPhone 5. This is HUGE.

Not only am I going from a regular phone to a smartphone, I've been using a phone that doesn't work when in high humidity for the past 16 months because of some potty training issues. So much so, that I have to put it on speaker phone to hear anyone, and a lot of times can only call my ICE contacts.

Wish me luck on this adventure (both phone and school) and follow me on Instagram. There will probably  be a lot of pictures of my kids. You know, the usual.

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