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Monday, August 5, 2013

Ledges.. done?

So I started to make those awesome picture ledges I mentioned about before. I was super pumped about them.

 (Look at that beautiful 6 foot long pieces of wood there)

All last week I was going in the basement and painting the wood making sure it would be dry in time to assemble after I bought nails (liquid nails, anyway) this past weekend.

(Painted with leftover floor paint)

So I go to Lowe's and talk to a salesman about liquid nails and he informs me I'll need to clamp the wood together to hold! Those things aren't cheap! I used a wall and a case of bottled water and I think that worked out just fine.

So here's where genius me tells you what doesn't work. The liquid nails seems to be holding up just fine. Clamps? Who needs clamps? (Although it definitely would have been easier.) But I wasn't going to put that back piece on the ledges like they are in this picture.

(Photo taken from Ikea's Ribba picture ledge)

I wanted a more floating look. I also wanted them to be easy to move around. So I thought Velcro strips would be the perfect answer. Claims they hold 1 pound for every inch used. And it did hold them up. But they were so front heavy, they just sagged. In a bad way.

Unfortunately I didn't take pictures of this unusable mess because I was more concerned on getting the Velcro off as fast as possible before it permanently stuck to the wall. Yes. Permanent Velcro is what I tried to use. Thankfully, there's only one little spot where paint peeled off, so no pictures. Don't worry. I'll do the back piece, put it together, and actually attach it to the wall with these things they call screws. When it's done, I will re-update you on what I ended up doing, photos, and final costs.

So I will leave you with this tip. Velcro is not meant to hold up picture ledges.

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