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Friday, August 2, 2013


I'm so thankful for Thursdays. My children are so lucky to have a "G.G." around to play with them most Thursdays. I'm home with them mostly everyday. They go to work with me, they go shopping with me, they are attached at my hip most of the time. I'm glad I do get help when I ask for it, and Brian is such an amazing father that he completely takes them off my hands when he comes home from work so I can make dinner and work on any projects while he gets to play with them until bedtime. It's a nice little system we have. Probably not normal for most households, but it gets things done around here while we get our time with the kids separately. Then we gather at night and play together before bed.

But on Thursdays, it's a little extra special. My Grandma, or G.G. as the kids in the family call her (she's a great grandma to 9!), comes over to play. So I end this Thursday with some pictures of today. A beautiful, typical Thursday for me and my family.

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