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Saturday, August 3, 2013

You Are Beautiful

Anyone that's my friend on Facebook might remember this post from May 10th. But I like it so much and think it's important to spread out there that I'm posting it again here. For those of you reading this little "PSA" of mine for the first time, enjoy. Everyone else that thinks this is old news, reread it anyways and then do a personal check over to see how you've been doing about your self image since you last read it.

As a mom, nothing hurts worse then when I hear my child say that she's "not pretty". To me, they are the most beautiful things and people in the world. I like to believe that she really means she "doesn't wanna be pretty" because she usually says it when we try to brush her hair. But it does give me pause and make me think. Where could a 3 year old even get that idea? She only watches preschool television, and I don't ever recall hearing things like that on anything I've let her watch. So the only think I can think of is from me. Me and all the other beautiful men and women in her life.

(The girls dressing up as bugs.... In the summer)

People think low self-esteem comes from being bullied, but I believe it's taught. And 3 years old is to young to have it. I'm careful with how I portray myself in front of her. How I speak about myself and others, in front of her. So much so that I'm starting to see beauty differently then I ever have before. 

(A "deformed" flower growing in the front of our house.. but still pretty, right?)

I'm starting to believe in what I say and I hope she sees things the same. That everyone one of you are beautiful. 

I'm starting my self esteem rise through my daughter.. and I challenge each one of you that have a single negative thought about yourself to do the same. Because I only surround myself with beautiful things and people, and if you're reading this, then you're one of them.

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