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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Creamer Ice-cubes

You read that title right. Tonight, I talk to you about creamer ice-cubes.

I love coffee. I have become one of those moms that need it at some point of the day to survive. Brian says I don't drink coffee though. He calls it "lait au cafe." He thinks he's cute.

But it is a lot of creamer in there.

Since it's summer, and apparently my love of the creamer coffee has been passed down to the girls, I have been making it iced for maximum speed of drinking. But boy does it water it down. So I have decided to see what happens when you freeze some of the creamer in ice-cube trays. I figured, I'm adding that much anyways, might as well have that be melted into the glass instead of the normal water.

Yeah, the white on white on white color scheme doesn't photograph well. I froze some regular skim milk as well (the yellowy ones) because I didn't want to waste all of the creamer in case it didn't work out and sometimes I use milk too.

The creamer-cubes don't pop right out like ice does. I had hopes and dreams that I could buy a whole bunch of creamer when it's on sale and with coupons and freezing them then storing them into cute labeled baggies for an easy grab and brew iced drink.... Not gonna happen. You need a spoon. It's almost ice-cream-ish.

So scoop how many you think you would need into your glass. I apparently like 4, minimum.

Put the creamer-cubes in the glass and situate glass where you need it to be to filled with hot coffee. In my case, under the Keurig. But if you use normal pots of coffee (I'm not that bad yet), this is where you would just pour in the coffee.

Look at that coffee melting the creamer just so to fog up the glass, cool down the coffee, flavor it with flavored thickened milk... yes.. the creamer-cubes are working their magic.

It kinda gives you that cool layered look, so if you like it that way, you're done. I, however, want the flavors completely blended. (That dark brown stuff at the bottom is my agave nectar. It dissolves better then sugar when making iced drinks, and helps cut out some calories.)

4 more ice-cubes that never fully melted, thus not watering it down, and it's just right for me!

So there you have it, folks. If someone else figured this out before me... shame on you for letting me drink watered down ice-coffee all summer! And for everyone else... it works! But you better like creamer!

Although, I'm thinking about making a pot of coffee to freeze into ice-cubes for my non-creamer loving friends.

Let me know if you've tried this before, plan on trying it now, or have heard of another tip in the comments below!


  1. I have tried the coffee ice cubes and it works great. I think the fat content is your problem with the creamer ice cubes.

    1. I was thinking that too.. but there's so many recipes out there to make your own flavored creamer, I might just embrace it and make it ice cream like and put it in a wide-mouth freezer container to scoop it out for my