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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

I'm Thankful For: Nighttime Dance Parties

It's November. It's already a few days in, actually. A lot of people are posting a daily "I'm thankful for" thing in their statuses on Facebook. Anyone else doing that? I'm not. I'm not because I don't want to.

However, as I'm trying to just keep the house in order after all of us being sick (and Brian finally got it), the crafting and updates are on a hold for now. We are trying to plan some things out, but really, we just need to get the laundry done.

(The audience.)

So when I can come up with something quick and easy, I'll let you know. If I come across a blog post that you must read, I'll let you know. If I have any planning happening for anything, I'll let you know with an ideation post. But for tonight, I've experienced something that only my kids can remind me of.

Tonight, I came upstairs after the girls' bath to a lot of banging. A lot of it. And it was loud.

And it was mixed with giggling.

I love that sound. It's probably one of my favorites.

I like to try to sneak into the bedroom when I come up, because when they see me they immediately go into the "Mommy, Mommy, MOMMY" mode. Tonight, it wasn't any different. Except they added in "Mommy, let's dance! Com'on!" How do you resist that?

So tonight, I'm reminded that I'm thankful for my kid's ability to enjoy life and have that feeling to just dance.

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