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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Under the Sycamore

Recently, my Aunt decided she wanted to start a blog. Knowing her as I do, I think she'll do wonderfully. The topic she wants to cover isn't one I would normally read or understand, but if for some awful reason I have to live it personally, I'll be glad she's willing to spread her voice.

She doesn't do Facebook, or Twitter, or Pinterest. I know, blasphemy. She actually heard about my blog through word of mouth. She lives in Georgia. How cool is that? So she called me and asked how and why I got started.

Me being me, I told her. Everything. Maybe I'll tell you one day when I need more post ideas. But I went on to explaining how a handful of blogs caught my attention and stuck with me. The ones I mentioned in one of my first posts about favorite bloggers. And about how they affected me, and I would like to do the same to someone else out there.

One blog, Under the Sycamore, isn't in the same realm of helpful tips that the others are. And even though I've only been following her blog and story for a few months, I'm invested in her family. They dig deep into me. Her post today (yesterday? depends when you read this I guess) is a perfect example of why.

The love and joy you see on these 2 little girls' faces as her adopted 2 and a half year old learns how to use a spoon just put me in tears. It's pure. Honest. Innocent. It's everything a child stands for. And she's willingly sharing this for the world to read and rejoice with her.

And now, I'm sharing it with you.

Click here to read about her new milestone. And go ahead and read other posts. It's OK to love someone you've never met. We all need some love. There's just not enough in this world anymore.

By the way, when my Aunt decides to get her blog up, I will post about it so you can all check it out.

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