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Friday, November 8, 2013

Take the Walk

HANSON! Squeel!

I know, my inner 90s kid is coming out! We bought the tickets back in April, the first minute they were released for purchase for non-members, and still didn't get the greatest seats. We've definitely had better. But at least it's aisle seats, if it wasn't going to be front row.

I'm so excited! This will be our 4th concert in 6 years. We missed the last time they came because it was a month after Snowflake was born. And we'll be missing the walk this year because of work schedules, but that's ok. My ticket purchase donated $1 each towards the charity.

Yes, charity. This boys (men) are amazing. They started up a "Take the Walk" Charity Walk before nearly every concert. It's a mile long barefoot walk with a stop halfway where (usually) Taylor does some amazing encouraging speech that no one hears because everyone's still 13 years old in spirit. They take the walk with you and donate a $1 for everyone that walks towards their charity. It's quite awesome, and it's free if you're in the area for one. They're usually around 3pm before the concert.

I'm bummed we won't be walking this year. Pumpkin took the walk a few months before turning 1. That was awesome! I know she won't remember it, but it was nice to get her involved.

You can see from my photos of past concerts and walks that this isn't a small thing. It's huge! And it's a good thing. So if you're in town, take the walk for me please. And I think they're sold out, but check out their newer music and try to get to a concert! I know I can't wait for tonight!!!

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