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Monday, November 11, 2013

Pittsburgh Children's Museum

Here's another gift idea for you to give to the "littles" in your life.


We've all been there. If you're a mom, you know what it's like personally. Kids just have so much stuff. And parents have so little space. And it's just so hard to shop for that kid that has everything. It really is.

So why not give the gift of a year long pass to make memories?

We ask for gift cards every year to various places to take the kids. Have since before even having kids! It's such a great gift for the whole family! Especially while the children are so young, they don't' really keep track of the amount of gifts they get, but they love to play as a family and luckily, in this digital age, parents can take millions of pictures to cement these memories for when they're older.

Yesterday, we took the girls to the Children's Museum of Pittsburgh. It's a favorite of ours. Snowflake technically got it as a birthday gift last January, so a renewal is on our Christmas list this year. We've gotten gift cards to go on an individual basis, and Pumpkin really loved it then, but this past year is the year they both truly got involved in all of it. I think the favorite part is the waterfloor. It's what it sounds like. An entire floor dedicated to playing in water, so bring a change of clothes!

There's also a room dedicated for the real little ones, but don't let that stop you from going if you have slightly older kids. There's a giant Lite-Brite (remember those 80s kids?) and lighted sand art, too.

Right now, in the one changing exhibits room is TapeScape (until January 19). It is basically a giant tunnel esque area made up of 168 rolls if packing tape. I so wanted to go in there! They even had a smaller one for the babies to crawl through, although Snowflake tried to play with the big kids.

Memberships start as low as $95, but if that's even too steep for you to gift, you can buy individual gift cards at Giant Eagle and get those fuelperks and let the recipient decide if it's worth a full membership. No matter what though, it's a great place to take the
kids when you just need out of the house.

And if you don't live near Pittsburgh, check out your closest city and see about their Children's Museum. I know there's others across the states. If you've gone to this one or any of the others, what's your favorite part?

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