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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Thankful Thursday: Family

A week to go until Thanksgiving. Is there even a Thanksgiving anymore? With all the stores opening earlier and earlier, it's like we're slowly getting rid of all our holidays. Soon, it'll just be New Years Eve and Christmas. Although, those aren't cared for as much as they used to be.

I took yesterday off from posting a blog. I was just so tired. With the time change and weather, I think the cabin fever's starting to hit the girls harder than usual. We've been trying to keep busy on weekends, but that doesn't help with during the week days.

But anyways, I'm thankful for my family. All of them. The ones constantly in my life, the ones that pop in from time to time, and even the ones that seem to be around only when you need them. But for how little I might "see" or talk to them, I know they are there when needed. That's a nice feeling.

Brian and the girls haven't been able to be around a lot of my family. Most of them live far away. And some are just estranged. But we're huge. It's kinda of amazing. I know it's odd to maybe not talk to my Grandfather that lives down the street, yet I talk to my Great Aunts at least once a month. Not to many people even have "Great" anythings. Even my girls have met, on a regular basis, their "greats".

And I'm thankful for that. I'm thankful that my family is there and around. I'm thankful that I have a choice of who to go to when I need advice for something or help. I'm thankful that my girls get to see a generation gap be friends to one another.

I'm thankful that this Thanksgiving is bringing in another aspect of being with different parts of family.

It seems like each year, a new family member comes out of the woodwork to join us, and I'm thankful for that. For that comfort that only being a family can bring.

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