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Friday, November 1, 2013

Happy Halloween!

This post probably should have been yesterday's, since Halloween was yesterday and everything. But I didn't have any pictures of the girls trick-or-treating for this year yet. In case you can't tell, Snowflake is "Princess Sofia" and Pumpkin is "Red Angry Bird". I talked about them picking their costumes out this year at this post about a month ago.

Side rant...Is there another name for trick-or-treating? It's an awfully long name for describing going to peoples houses dressed up unlike yourself threatening them in hopes of good junk food.

For some odd reason, our neighborhoods staggered the T-o-T (I'm shortening it) times. And when I mean staggered times, I mean other neighborhoods, even within our school district, T-o-Ted Saturday. Because, you know, that was Halloween. They really need to get on the same page here. It was so busy. Since kids were able to double up their locations, and who could blame them, our area was PACKED. My parents had to turn the porch light off after only an hour.

And it was raining. So this is super busy for rainy weather. But at least it wasn't freezing rain like Halloween's of the past.

The girls had a blast. This was the first year I think they really got it. "Trick-or-treat" or any words for that matter just wasn't happening, but about 2/3rd of the way through, Pumpkin even actually said "thank you" to the people and was running up ahead skipping. So I was extremely impressed. Last year we had to carry her to some of the houses. We didn't even take the stroller this time!

Snowflake on the other hand definitely has the gift of gab. She walked for the first few houses, until she got that covetted lollipop then she was happy as can be. Poor Brian had to carry her most of the way. She either wouldn't go to the house because she was busy eating candy, or she wouldn't leave the house because the people kept telling her to take more. And she said everything. "Trick-or-treat", "thank you", "buh-bye", and "boo" (while sticking her tongue out and shaking her head to be scarey) were the more repeated phrases of the night. So proud.

(That bucket's filled, too. So Much Candy!)
It was definitely the best year yet, and I can't wait for more. They'll just get better as they get older. The best part about Halloween as a mother? Now I have candy to eat! I raised good sharers!

So how was your Halloween? Take kids out Trick-or-Treating? Go to a party? Kept it low-key and just handed out candy? Let me know and feel free to post some pictures! I love to see happy sugared up little witches and warlocks (and everything inbetween)!

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