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Monday, November 18, 2013

Beautiful November

Wasn't this weekend beautiful? I don't know about where everyone else is, but around here the weather was like Spring. It definitely messes with the sinuses, though.

Considering we had snow earlier last week, we took advantage of the 67 degree Saturday. I had stuff to do in the morning, but in the afternoon we were able to make a visit to our local farm.

Not Triple B, that's closed for the season. But Round Hill Park. Heard of it? We love it there.

When I am done with work and Pumpkin is picked up from school, it tends to line up with Snowflake's nap. She, however, is too nosey for her own good. So I ended up helping that hole in the ozone layer grow by having to drive to get her asleep... just like a baby. I know you've all done it.

To make this drive around trip less boring for Pumpkin, and less of a nowhere destination for me, we would go to the park and I would let Pumpkin get out of the car and play in the parking lot to watch the ducks. I'm pretty sure they started recognizing us because there were these three geese that would always come up to us making Pumpkin run screaming back into the car and away we would go. I couldn't blame her, geese are terrifying and mean giant birds.

With my newer, cazier work schedule, we haven't been able to go in a while. So since it was nice out, I made them dress up for some picture taking, although the cows and chickens always steal their attention.

It's open year round, and it's FREE! Our tax money goes into keeping this place running. They have many separate playground areas that the girls love, including a "Splash Pad" for summer time. So if you live nearby, don't let the weather scare you off. We went last spring when it was still snowing out and we got to see one of the baby cows when it was only an hour old. They were still cleaning up the barn. How cool is that?!

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