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Thursday, November 7, 2013


I'm gonna tell you a little secret. I have strange skin. I mean really strange. Lotion does not soak in. It never has. Worse thing about that, I'm incredibly fair skinned and burn at the thought of going outside, and sunscreen just flakes right off.

Yes, flakes off. I rub lotions on, and it pills right off like lint from a sweater. It's weird.

They started reinventing lotions and creams the past few year, which has been a skin saver, but about 6 years ago I stumbled into a local store called Loova.

It's smells like Heaven in there. It's all handmade and they have samples of the scrubs for you to try! It's a bit amazing.

Customer service is wonderful, too. There's been many times that we would go in there for a specific item in a specific scent, and they wouldn't have it. What do you do then? I know one particular instance we wanted an oil spray for Pumpkin's eczema and we didn't want a highly scented one. They were out of the "Milk & Honey" scent (which smells like it's named) so she ordered it to be made and sent to our house, for free. And without losing the price savings of buying a certain amount. That's amazing, in my opinion.

I can't get enough of their oil sprays and soaps. They aren't overly perfumed, and they actually soak into my skin. They don't' just sit on top. I use their scrubs a lot too, but it makes the bath super slippery so i'm a little scared to do it when i know the girls will be in there next.

And it's done wonders for Pumpkin's eczema. We're still battling it a little bit, but she's normally ok unless she  gets sick. But for a long while we couldn't come near her with lotion because her skin was so raw and opened, it would burn and she would just scream. Until one night, I decided to just sneak in a quick spray of my stuff, and nothing. No screaming, no fighting, no tears. So now when she has a flare up, we scrub her down with the sugar scrubs, and spray her with the oil, and no fights. And she smells good enough to eat.

I can't rave about it enough. Unfortunately for you, this is not a sponsored post, so no freebies. I'm sorry. But they do deliver.

There's 2 locations here in Pittsburgh. The one I go to is in Station Square, and the other is in Castle Shannon. Definately go in and take a look around.

And for those of you not nearby, my favorites are "Kiss Me All Over" and "Raspberry Lemonade". They're both light on, but the lemonade one smells like summer. I love "Full of Oats" and "Milk & Honey" for the girls though. 

So if you need any Christmas gift ideas for the lucky lady in the house, or for yourself, check them out. They even have a monthly soap subscription where they send you 3 seasonal scents of the soap by a slice every month. (There's different length of time periods for it so you don't need to be locked in for a whole year.)
I think I've tried a sample of nearly every product in there at some point, so if you want to know about my experience with any certain product, just leave a question in the comments and I'll let you know.

**All photos are taken from their site, since mine are all being used and aren't as pretty in the bathroom. And like I said, this isn't sponsored in any way. I just shaved my legs the other day and I always spray them with the oil mist spray afterwards and thought you all should know about this product, especially for the holidays.


  1. Thanks for this review of a neat product! I'm always on the lookout for this kind of stuff because of my skin sensitivities, and now my youngest has the same problem.

    1. We all love it around here. You need to come visit us, and I'll take you there. It's a small store but the stuff is amazing. And locally (for us) handmade isn't too bad either! For Pumpkin's eczema, I put a towel down in the tub and have her stand and scrub her down with it, then run water over and blot dry. Then either spray her with the oil or rub the lotion on her.. depending on her mood that night. We've even used the olive oil soap on her and there's a giant rubber duckie shaped sponge w/ the soap already in it, but it's not tear free. She LOVED that sponge!