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So, I don't want to delete who I was. What I had in here is who I was, and is still a part of me. But a lot has changed in 3 years since I wrote that. For one, I'm now a full time stay at home mom. Shortly after that last post in 2013, the lady I was helping take care of ended up in the hospital. And right before having my son, she sadly passed. It took a long time for my girls to understand why we weren't seeing her anymore.

And also, I added 2 more children. My son will be turning 3 in June, and I just had another girl this past December (2016). The women in this house totally run it... just don't tell my son that.

We also added a puppy and some snails into the mix. We like the happy noise. Our house is complete chaos, but it's joyful. I truthfully couldn't picture it any other way.

Now, if only I can get a picture of all of us together for you! Until then, this will have to do!

Mia and Baby Girl.... It's hard getting a picture of an all black, hyper dog

Honestly, the most recent picture of us all.

Original "About Me" Text:

My name is Airyckah Lane and welcome to my little section of the great World Wide Web. The "About Me" section on the side of the blog gives a quick and short description of who I am, but I want to tell you a little bit more.

I'm a Pittsburgher, a mother, a wife, and a friend. I'm currently a "take your kids to work with you" Mom, but my job is helping to take care of an elderly lady that happens to be my friend's family member and old neighbor. It works out nicely since it's next door to my parents' house, near the school my little Pumpkin will be going, and I can bring my kids with me.

(The girls eating lunch with the lady I take care of)

Believe it or not, I actually have a B.S. in Interior Design. Graduated cum laude and three credits shy from an Art minor. The school changed the course requirements my last semester, and honestly, I was planning my wedding and didn't care to add the extra work for a minor.

I don't have a crazy adorable story of why I decided to blog and tell strangers about my life or the projects I enjoy doing. I just wanted a place to share some things I know. I know my family. I know my house. And I know I like helping people. I hope that, with this blog, I can make every one of my readers either smile, look at something in a new way, or attempt to do something they didn't think they could. And occasionally, even tell you what I tried to do that didn't work so that you don't make the same mistakes I make.

I hope this helps a bit with understanding me a little more. And I hope we can become friends through this experience together.

Some of my favorite bloggers and a good representation of what inspires me can be found on this post: My Favorite Bloggers

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