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Friday, April 21, 2017

Grove Collaborative

I feel like I just skimmed over the site in last night's post. So tonight I want to tell you a little more about it.

As if they knew I was telling my friends about the site, I got an email this morning from Stu over at Grove Collaborative. They personalize with names so the emails don't seem like random mass mailings. I don't know if Stu exists, but we're going to pretend he does.

Anyway, Stu said that there is a VIP sale going on right now for 10-40% off because of Earth Day. I have my items already picked out for scheduled mailings at the beginning of the month, so I won't be participating in this sale.

Part of why shopping through Grove is so good for the Earth is because part of their mission is to help save the rain forests. With every VIP membership, they donate 100 square feet of rain forest they do a carbon offset for your shipment, too.

We've had one problem with my product coming in damaged, and they fixed it right away. When you sign up for the VIP program, you get connected with you own person on the staff. They even give you a text message, so when something ever comes up, you can just text and go. As the busier we get, texting is definitely the way to go with this family. There's usually some kind of noise happening that makes phone calls a dreaded thing. So when my one caddy came broken, I took a phone picture of it and texted to my personal "Grove Guide" and they let me keep it and refunded me the amount in credits plus a little more for inconveniencing me. They're also good at making sure I know my next shipment is coming before it ships in case I want to make any changes to it.

And this weekend, when you ship $49 or more in products, you will also receive a free Grove Collaborative Hand Cream. Pretty sweet deal to try something nice out for yourself and for the Earth.

And don't forget to use my referral link to receive a free $10 credit and 3 month trail of the VIP program, making trying new Earth-friendly stuff even easier on your wallet!

Click here for the referral link in case you couldn't see the hyperlinked texts above and read more about some of my favorite products here.

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