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Friday, September 27, 2013

Halloween Costumes

I started writing up another "thankful for" post. I really did. Then Brian sent me a text.

"Target just tweeted: Today only, Cartwheel users save 50% on Halloween Costumes"

We were just there last night!

Good thing the girls love Target almost as much as I do.

During the summer, Pumpkin was going to be a butterfly, and Snowflake, a bee. We already had those costumes.

Then it turned into Pumpkin was going to be a puppy and Snowflake, a kitten.

But then best friend said she was going to be a cat... so Pumpkin had to be a cat.

Then we went to look at the costumes... Now she's a mouse and Snowflake's a cat.

We seemed to be on a nice track of at least some animal.

Until Thursday. The day of said tweet. Out of nowhere, Pumpkin announced to G.G. that she was going to be Snow White.

What?! Where did that come from? She's never even seen Snow White! Kids!

So, off we go to see how many people read that tweet. Apparently very few. There were still lots to pick from, at least the selection didn't seem any lower then the night before. I pick out Snow White, debate on which size because we live in Pennsylvania.. there might be snow, or a hurricane, or 90 degrees out... who knows... And she wants Ariel. She also has never seen Ariel. Unfortunately, Ariel has a tail, and the size to fit over clothes is too long in the back. So she is back to Snow White.

Until she spots the glittery, tu-tu-esque Red Angry Bird costume. Yup. That's what she picked.

So for Halloween, it's official because we are not buying another costume, we are having a Red Angry Bird and Princess Sophia. And yes, Snowflake picked hers out and was spinning around while trying it on. I wasn't sure she'd let us take it off.

We spent $20 and change because of the 50% off and the use of red card. Can't really beat that for 2, licensed costumes.

P.S. I know the costume pictures seem random until the end... That's just how many costumes we have. The big group shot is the cut-outs of all the costumes because I didn't feel like taking each one out.

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