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Wednesday, September 4, 2013


It's my 30th post! How about that. Those of you that have been there from the beginning, thank you. Those of you just starting to read, welcome.

Can you believe 30 posts already? So in honor of a month full of postings, I wanted to have a giveaway.

But, I have no money, no sponsors, no nothing to give away. So I figured I'll crash into another giveaway and post about it here to share with all of you.

And since my little Pumpkin has started back to school, why not a back-to-school themed giveaway?

Perfect, right?

So read more about the giveaway and the people behind it here.

It a bunch of awesome stuff from etsy people with 3 winners and WORLD WIDE!

I'm gonna enter, too. If one of you wonderful followers win, let me know. That'll be awesome! And now, I leave you with the link to the giveaway again and some pictures of my girls being cute, because what else can they be?

P.S. Entries are until September 9th.

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