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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Start of My Fall Decorating

As fall truly shows it's face with cool mornings, colder nights, and pumpkin everything everywhere, people start to decorate for the season. I do a mix of Halloween and Autumn in my decorations, but just little pieces of Halloween.

I'm still working on getting the little bit I have out. 

We go to Triple B Farms every year for their Pumpkin Festival to get our pumpkins and gourds to decorate with, but can't make it out there until the beginning of October. So the little I do will have to wait until then to truly get started.

This is what I have so far that you've seen....

And here's the little bit I've added so far....

I have 3 little metal pumpkins in the front garden area, too. But I forgot to take pictures of them. They're not much, but they make me happy. All of the little pieces of fall makes me smile. Especially when Pumpkin came home to the new stuff up and was so excited!

And yes, that's the Elf on the Shelf there on the photo ledges. Doesn't make sense to only have the magic of Christmas for 2 months of the year. Everyone should always keep it in their hearts, and the girls get a kick out of where he lands next. And since it's not a daily flying around (it is off-season afterall) it's a little more of a surprise when he does move.

If you liked anything that I'm in the process of doing to decorate for fall, you should check out the Fall Home Tour over at Thistlewood Farms. She is one of many other, more experienced bloggers that have their houses all ready for the season and are showcasing them on a blog tour. Check them out and be inspired. I know I am, and can't wait to really get moving in my own house!

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