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Monday, September 16, 2013

Googly Eyes

Remember when I posted a picture on the spider and talked about Halloween Coming way back in August? My dining room mantel was a nice mix of fall and spring. And I pointed out those weird white pumpkin things. And no one commented on what they were.

Well they're white squash. Seriously.. that's what it's called. So simple. I should've guessed it.

Apparently you do eat it, too.

But I like it as decoration for now.

Then I posted about my Mirror Window and things were looking a little more fall-ish around here.

I took down the mirror, like I said I would, but kept it a fall set up. I figured why put the animals back up when I would need to take them down later anyways. But every time I walked by those white squash things, I just kept saying to myself "they need googly eyes". Every. Single. Time.

They needed them.

So I told Brian "next time I happen to see googly eyes, I'm buying them. No excuses". He agreed, but probably because he wanted me to stop telling him how much those squashes needed them.

Well, on Thursday, I took the girls to Target (where else?.. besides Ikea) and in the dollar section, staring right at me... Was a package of googly eyes! I was just there Sunday! I just made that statement, out loud, the night before! It's like the Target Gods have my house bugged.

I swear, they do.

So I bought them. I had to. I made a promise. And I immediately called Brian to tell him so.

Best part? There are 50 peel-&-stick eyes of various sizes in that bag. I didn't need some form of glue!

So I picked a pair of matching eyes, put dots on my squashes where I wanted them, peeled off the back, and let Pumpkin have her hand at helping me. Those are the steps all in one long sentence on what I did. And it was great. So much so, Pumpkin wanted to do the other squash, even though I never planned on it. I'm going to have to buy more pumpkins and squashes for her to eye up.

A simple peel and press action....

Doing the other guy.. which was bumpier.. so had to press a bit more...

Ta-Da! 2 little squash ghosts! Aren't they cute? Pumpkin was so proud, she wanted to take picture of them, too.

Not a bad photo from an almost 4 year-old, huh?

And there you have it: my new Halloween-esque mantel!

Aren't they cute? Don't worry.. those are battery-powered candles.

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