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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Vintage Window Project Ideation

I hope everyone had a fun and relaxing Labor Day.

We had a nice surprise from a visit from my Aunt and Uncle that live in Hawaii. They're in town for the week, so hopefully the girls will relax long enough that I can snap a picture of them all together.

You saw that we went to Fun Fore All on Sunday. In case you didn't realize, that is about an hour and ten minutes away from our house. With 2 small children. For just a few hours of play. That's because we went there as reward for being good as we went that direction to pick up a window.

Yes. A window.

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If you do, did you see my window? I'm in love. It's all chippy in all the right parts.

(My "new" window)

Unfortunately, it's a little too chippy on the prettier side. Oh well. That's Craigslist for you.

I can't wait to play with it and put it on the wall where one day there will be a mantel (working on that). This thing's pretty big too. 26"x31". Solid wood and glass. A big boy.

So here are some ideas of how others are reusing these....

Isn't that beautiful? You can just picture looking at the ocean through there. See how she did this here.

Anyone getting married? How about a window as a seating chart. Looks romantic to me. You can see how she incorporated the windows in the wedding here.

An obvious, but very eye-catching choice is to use it as a photo frame. You can divvy the photos individually unto each pain, but I love the look of one picture blown to fill the whole window. It's kind of like peeking into your neighbor's house.

Don't feel like making a memo board out of a window yourself, but love the look? You can buy one here. That page takes you to this particular window remake, which sadly is sold, but there are others still available.

I wish I had enough windows to make this awesome greenhouse. Could you just imagine? So I'll just read how they did it here and save me the trouble.

I didn't include all the ways you can reuse an old window. And I purposely left out what I'm hoping to do with mine just in case it doesn't work out the right way. But maybe I've inspired you to start looking at how you can include windows into your designs. Or maybe you still think I'm crazy. Either way, I have a new-to-me window and the girls got to play in a giant ball room. Win-win in my book!


  1. Have a wooden garden shed? We took 4 halves of double hung windows, gave them a light sanding and a good coat of white exterior paint, stapled cute fabric to the inside, then screwed them to the exterior of the shed. Fake windows but everyone thought they were real, as in functional. Just made a plain wooden shed look more like a playhouse.

    1. I have a regular shed.. with siding.. But that sounds awesome.. have any pics of that!?

    2. Somewhere maybe.................