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Monday, September 2, 2013

Fun Fore All

Happy Labor Day everyone!

First day of preschool ended up only being a half day, so tomorrow will be the real test. She did great though on Friday.

But yesterday, we went to a place called Fun Fore All. It's a nice little play on words there. There were a ton of stuff to do, but we went specifically for the Ballocity.

Yup.... Ballocity. And for 2 little girls that if they have to choose 1 toy they'd pick a ball.. this was like a small slice of heaven.

The site says:

 Ballocity is the areas most amazing kids play area. It’s three stories of fun for the whole family. Each level has something different that adds up to over 30 interactive things to enjoy. Some of the features of Ballocity:
  • air cannons shoot foam balls
  • “Ballcano” - blasts foam balls high into the air
  • four story slide!!!
There is something for all ages to enjoy, even parents!! And it’s big enough for adults to get in on the fun also. There is also a separate toddler area for the little ones. (Taken from

Can you guess the favorite part? Yup. The Ballcano. I must admit, that was kinda fun. $5 for each kid, adults were free.

The toddler section was a bit bare, but Snowflake loved it. Mainly because it had a little slide that she could climb up all by herself. Balls and slides. Two of her favorite things.

Picked up best friend and the girls played with a dinner break for the rest of the day. So we mainly just kept busy. But I think everyone had fun.

Tomorrow, we go to my parent's house for cookout and hopefully the weather cooperates for us so we can get 1 last swim in.

That's all I have for you guys. Sorry.

Oh.. My Avon mega lash mascara came Saturday, but I didn't get to play with it yet since my eyes have been acting up. So when I can, I'll make sure to tell you about it!


  1. Sounds like the girls had a blast! It's nice that they are gearing stuff for the younger/preschool kids. Mary

  2. I want to go here! Looks really fun!

  3. They did have a blast, and it was really fun. This is just a SMALL section of the place. There's go-karts and putt putt and batting cages too... and games like at Dave and Busters.. we stuck with the