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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Ideation: Pumpkin's Room

There's seriously no good bedding out there for the younger crowd.

She has a bedding set right now that's a quilt in a twin. My mom is replacing my old full sized bed, so ta-da.. new bigger bed for Pumpkin. This makes it harder...

So now we have about 1 week until their new bed is delivered, which means the old bed will be brought here. We need to get moving on figuring out her room so it's not just sitting there staring at us.. like everything else does.

I really love what Ashley Ann over at did with her guest bedroom's bed.

How adorable is that?! It's so cheerful and clean and bright. Nothing and everything matches it all at the same time. And with Pumpkin constantly changing her mind on her favorite color (for years it's been pink, until Sunday it turned to yellow, and yesterday it became green), this would be perfect. Every time she picks a new color, change out the pillows and  curtains.

But can an almost 4 years old and a 20 month old keep it clean?! They're pretty good with our couch, and our bedding is mostly white... but the normal sleep sweat stains are creeping into the pillow cases.... It might still happen though. That's why there's bleach.

Pumpkin actually said she liked this one from New England Home:

But we would reverse the colors since Ikea has a near identical duvet, but in pink.

 But as awesome as those walls are... this is something you commit to. I'm not doing all that painting just for it to be painted over in a year or so.

This one is bright and cheery, but still has that clean look over at Inspiration for Home:

But I'm leaning more towards an all white palette with a splash of color in the textiles to truly make it pop. Similar to this over at Denise in Bloom:

 They even incorporated my favorite sheepskin rug.

So what's your favorite look? Are these too grown up for my little mini-me?

In the end, it's her room. So I'm putting together looks for her to chose from, and I guess it's time to start cracking down and working on it!

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