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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

How to Throw Away Grease

I'm a few days behind on my Hoda and KLG, therefore I'm a few days late informing you of this.

Warning... This is disgusting. Repulsive. OMG to the 10th degree. Read at your own risk.

Now that I have that up there... Did anyone else hear about the giant food fat and baby wipes ball in the sewers of France? 15 tons of it! As big as a double decker bus. Told you it was gross. I'll stop here with the details and let you read about it yourself. This is apparently a common problem, but the first time that it was "a single, congealed lump of lard".


That description and the rest of the story can be read about here. If you want. Or just pass on it.

So why am I telling you all of this in the middle of the night? Well, tonight I made "spaghetti". Technically it's not spaghetti, but we call it that. It's a type of noodle (whatever we have on hand) with meat, vegetables, and spaghetti sauce. Cooking up the meat and needing to discard of the grease from it reminded me of that story.

So there you go. I'm going to show you how I throw away my cooking grease when I don't have a close-able jar nearby. It's so simple, you'll be shocked that no one in London can figure this out.

First, cook the meat until done.
Second, get a bowl and line it with a big piece of aluminum foil. Make sure there's some over hang.

(My foiled covered bowl)

Third, put a mesh strainer (or any colander would do really, just make sure it fits so you're not doing a juggling act for the kids) over the foil covered bowl.

(Look how nicely that cheaply mesh strainer fits in there)

Now carefully pour your meat (in this case it was ground chicken) into the strainer making sure the grease goes into the foiled bowl.

(Remember, chicken. That's why it's white)

Lift up the meat filled strainer and let grease drip out before putting your meat wherever you need it to be.

(Grease in foil. Need I say more?)

Now take that puddle of grease in the foil and fold it up, like a pouch, so you can throw it away. Sometimes, I tend to rip it because I have nails and buy cheap foil, so it goes into a zip-lock baggy.

Ta-Da! Thrown away grease so our sewer lines can remain just a little bit cleaner. Who would've thought I could get so many pictures of how I throw away liquid fat?

Hope you learned something with this, even if it's that I can take a lot of photos of grease in foil. But seriously, if you read that article... ewwww.

I really wish I could find a video clip of KLG & Hoda talking about it, though. It's funny. They compared it to The Blob. If you can find it, please add it to the comments or e-mail me.

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