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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Pumpkin's Floor

Remember how I was dancing for joy when I found out that under the carpet in the living room was good plywood? You don't? OK, read here then....

Remember now? OK, good. Well... can you imagine how I was when I lifted up Pumpkin's bedroom carpet and found hardwood flooring?!

(About 3 hours of solo work right there.)

Yes! Beautiful hardwood! We were house sitting for my parents and I was ripping it up at nights after Brian got home from work and when I got back to my parent's house for bedtime I was soo excited, Brian immediately guess that I found hardwood.

Now that is excitement! I'm pretty sure sunbeams were gleaming from my face.

(See that weird square cut out? We think it was cut out to install the ceiling fan downstairs)

I spent the next 3 nights ripping that nasty stuff up. Her room feels and smells so much better. It was like a humidity absorb-er. It's been deemed "OMG much better" by her 9 year old best friend. That's telling you the improvement that one little (ok, time consuming, big) step was.

Now she says "Look mom! I can sit on my rug and read now!".. as if she couldn't before... LOL

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