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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Living Room Makeover... Part 1

Have you ever had a space in your house that the more you sit in it and look at it, the more you just want to rip it apart?

No? Never?

Lucky you.

That's how I feel about our carpet. It's just nasty. Carpet in general is. But add in 1 cat with a kidney issue (who sadly has passed already), 2 kittens that aren't de-clawed, and 2 wild girls... It's just asking to be removed.

Begging even.

(Living room pre-carpet removal)

So I started to put the poor thing out of it's misery. One night, I decided to see just what was under the living room carpet.

(The only real picture I took before all the carpet was out.)

PLYWOOD! Beautiful plywood. Dancing with joy!

So every night for a week I would pull back a little, take out the carpet tack strips, and prepare for the big makeover weekend of full removal.

It was amazingly therapeutic.

(Look how much better that looks!)

Did you know that you can paint over plywood? Yep, you can. So no rush for us to install anything over it for now either. Just wait until you see what painted plywood can look like! Hear the angels singing already?

(Floor seams are filled with wood putty and sanded... I also started to paint the walls)

See my piles of carpet?... gross... Just look at the close-up of the underneath of the carpet.. You can't get that stuff out even with regular shampooing. 

So now I'm going to just load this up with some pictures of the current "final product". It's no where near done. I want more curtains, more pillows, and the walls feel a bit... naked. Don't worry. I have big plans for them. I'll make sure you get to see it when I get the walls a little more clothed.


  1. That is amazing! Sooo much better:-). I love the couch! Does the paint hold up well on the floor?

    1. Thank you! It's actual floor and porch paint, so it's doing well. I wish I got the gloss one instead of satin though because I think that would clean up better. I mentioned in my product post more about the floor paint. It needs a few more coats imo to withstand hard sharp droppings, but overall, it's great! Easy clean, easy to look at! And when it gets really bad, a fresh coat and some dry time and you're set!