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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Dude, You're Getting A Dell

Hey guys! I didn't forget about you, I promise. I got a new toy. Came this week, so still trying to set it up. I got a laptop! In case you couldn't guess, it's a Dell. And I soo want to say "Adele".

Part of the big drop off in posts was due to big family changes. And part was due to lack of easy access to a computer. Kinda hard to type a blog post without one. We have a 21 inch all-in-one desktop that I got right at the beginning of this blogging adventure. It used to sit in my room, but has been moved and shifted through different rooms to make space for everything and everyone. As it turns out, it wasn't really the easiest thing to get to. Or use. That thing is huge.

The last few posts were from Brian's laptops. He has 2 for work. But they're for work and I hated to have to keep asking for one. So he said he's gonna get one for me. One so I can post, and edit pictures, and shop online....

So I got a Dell, and it's pretty. I have to learn it, since I'm so used to my phone. But as I do, I'll be able to start posting more.

I've already started some home "improvements" to tell you about. Pumpkin doesn't like it, and Sonny keeps telling me to "buy new one". Good thing it's my house :)

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