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Monday, December 9, 2013

A Little Bubble In My Water

YAY! We have our tree! It's up, but not decorated. I'll be doing that over the next few days. It's so much better than the first one we had. It should be... it cost more.

(Old Tree)
(New Tree)
Just look at the difference there!

Snowflake wasn't too happy to see us take down "Christmas", but they both enjoyed seeing a new one put in it's place. It even smells better than the other one. So glad that's done!

But does anyone else like Seltzer water?

It's an acquired taste, that for sure.

We've grown to love it here. The girls call it "pop water", and that's kinda what it is. And they think it's just clear pop, so I'm ok with that. They willingly drink it thinking they're getting the bad stuff.

My personal favorite is cherry.

At Target, there's this line called Simply Balanced. I've never paid much attention to it before, but in the juice and tonic water section is this little box of sparkling juices.

I've always wanted to try it.. it boast some pretty awesome stuff. Like it's 70% juice and 1/2 a cup of fruit in each can. I've tried similar before, but because I didn't care for seltzer, I didn't care for them. Now that I like seltzer water though... man these were great!

(Box doesn't open nicely.)
It's especially a great pop replacer if just the seltzer water isn't thick enough. I can't wait to try the other flavors. It's not the cheapest thing in the world, that much fruit wouldn't be, but it's not going to break the bank either. And as a bad blogger/shopper that I am, I forgot to even check the price. I want to say $6ish? For 4 cans.

It's worth a try if you want something different. And as always, there's coupons and Cartwheel to add on top of the RedCard for Target shoppers!

It's the holidays. It's a nice, lighter drink to add to your rotation of eggnogs and cocoas.

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