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Monday, December 2, 2013

Cyber Monday

It's just another Cyber Monday... ohhh oh-ohh.. Wish it was a fun day....

Sing that in your head and the ohhs will look better.

Anyways, how was your Thanksgiving, everyone? Are you all as stuffed as the bird? We're still working on the leftovers.

Black Friday was a bit of a bust. I refuse to go Thursday, or super early even, and we never really have. And never had a problem getting the good deals. We watch the ads, there was just nothing really to go after. Not for us anyways.

We still managed to spend too much. And got about a third of our shopping done. YAY.

I'm taking Pumpkin out this week to use the 20% Target coupon they gave out to get stuff from her for everyone. That'll be fun. It'll be the first time she gets to be truly involved. So everyone better like it. LOL

But today is Cyber Monday. Anyone going to be scavenging those sales? You can score some good stuff if you try. And don't forget, to use my Ebates referral link to get money back on all the online shopping as well!

I'm having a bit of tree stress, so I'll be working on that this week. Hopefully we'll have a solution and I can get back on to my merry way and show you some crafts and decorating. I might take some random days off here and there because of the season. It's so busy. And, especially with trying to get the tree decorated, no one can help me. I'm too picky.

And I'm allergic to, I'm assuming, the pine sap. I get a rash every year decorating and watering the thing. But I refuse a fake for the main tree.

So those are my plans, what are yours? All decorated already? Don't do it at all? Somewhere inbetween? Tips to not break out in a rash up to my elbows while stringing lights? Leave it in the comments to share!

 P.S. Sorry about the pictures. Every single one I took is blurry..... Crazy, active kids and impatient photographer (me) using an iPhone. This is what I got. But at least I captured the memory.

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