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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Pizza Underground

This. Is. Awesome.

Everyone remembers their first celebrity crush. Everyone has had one. Mine were Macaulay Culkin and Devon Sawa. I even share a birthday with Mac, which meant it was fate, obviously.

Devon Sawa is still looking pretty nice and has a reoccurring spot on the CW show "Nikita". With another 90s teenage heartthrob, Shane West. If you didn't know about it, now you do.

But Macaulay Culkin hasn't been in the limelight too much lately. Ever wonder what he was doing? No? Bet you do now....

Brian found this out. I tell ya, best husband award.

He is in "an underground cover band that only sings about pizza."

Yes. Pizza.

You can read about it here. The article even lets you listen to the demo.

(CD cover picture taken from the Huffington Post article I linked to above.)

This is amazing. I can't wait to hear more. But not until our next pizza order. I have a feeling it'll be making me hungry.

I just thought you should all know about this.

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