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Friday, October 4, 2013

Burlap Wreath

Yesterday's post mentioned that I had enough material left over for another project. Well, here it is!

It's it pretty?

I know, I've been throwing a lot of random crafts out there lately, but I promise, if I can do it, that means it's cheap and easy. I can do harder, I just don't want to. So this is definitely something you can do after making your sunglass holder to liven up your space a little.

Gather your materials and get that glue gun heated up. Originally I was going to make flowers out of the white ribbon and coffee filters then add googly eyes for a little nod towards halloween, so that's why the ribbon and eyes are in the picture.

Rip, cut, separated your fabric into strips however you want to. I did the pull the thread out then cut method mentioned in the Frame Sunglasses Holder directions. You could even save a step and use ribbon if you want, but I had the material and wanted it to match, so I used left-over burlap. I didn't measure, either. I just eyeballed the width to try to keep it constant, and when I didn't have enough strips, I made more.

Now start hot-gluing at an angle and wrap. Keep in mind which side is your back. Some of my strips would end just a tad over the middle of the back, so I just glued and trimmed it. 

Then add your next strip in line with the last and wrap and glue, wrap and glue... until you have the whole thing covered.

And decorate as you like! That wreath up top came with the house and has been sitting in the shed for 3 years now. After my coffee filters looked like used kleenex and the ribbons just looked like a pile of ribbons, I torn off some of those fake flowers. I didn't want it as heavy as the original wreath, so I only used 3 of them. I also like to change my mind a lot, so I just wrapped the stems around the wreath form... no glue required. And now I can remove them to change it for the seasons if I wish.

Add string or ribbon to hang and adjust decorations if needed. I used the spare threads from the burlap that I pulled out to cut. It sits a little off centered because of the weight of the flowers, but I don't mind. It looks balanced at this angle.

If you want your decorations to be permanent, I would glue them down. My wreath is going to go on my window-turned-mirror above my not-there-yet mantel, so it won't be handled a lot.

You can see it hanging on the mirror sitting on the floor.,.. looks good there. And the blue stuff on the wall is a taped out placement of the mantel so we can figure out sizing and studs for mounting it. I like it, so the tape's staying up until it's replaced by the real thing.

And that's it! Told you it was simple!

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