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Friday, October 11, 2013


Has anyone else heard of or used eMeals? Taken from their site:

How It Works:

1) Pick Your Plan
To start getting eMeals, just choose a meal plan based on youeating style, your and even your favorite grocery store.

2) Get Great Recipes

Every week, your meal plan arrives in your inbox — complete with seven simple, creative, family–friendly dinner recipes. Each includes an entrée and side dishes.

3) Shop and Save

Along with the meal plan, you'll receive a detailed grocery list organized by section and coordinated with the weekly sales at selected stores.

4) Relax and Enjoy

We take care of the meal planning, the grocery list and the budgeting — while you take credit for making healthy,  home–cooked meals that your whole family will love.

I'm sure they're not the first company, or going to be the last, but it's the first that seemed to fit my family needs better.

I heard about them awhile ago and started following them on facebook to get a better feel about it all before spending money on it. We've done a similar one before, but the recipes were so extravagant for us that it ended up costing way too much for a dinner for just the 2 of us (this was pre-kids).

This one's different. You can pick your style of cooking/eating and where you want to shop at. It picks recipes according to the sale ads for the stores you chose. Thus making this plan a lot cheaper. We mostly shop at Aldi's, and so our first trail run, we used the "Aldi's Classic Family" meal planning choice. And if you don't like a meal, you can click "skip it" and it takes it out of your shopping list. There's even an app for iPhone that makes it super easy to view all of this. Never have to forget your list at home again!

So far, I really like it, but the meals still seem to take a longer than usual time to make. Most are under an hour, hovering around the 30-40 minute mark. So, it's a normal cooking dinner time frame, I'm just an over-cooker and altered some of the recipes to taste which added time. It also makes a LOT of food. We got to freeze half of the soup, and that was after eating it for 2 days!

Our favorite meal so far was the Smoked Brat Sauté.

It was a google offers one day for $29 for a year subscription, and Brian asked if he should get it. I'm glad I said yes. Even if we don't do every meal plan every week, it's already adding lots of new, yummy foods to our rotation.

Do you guys want me to start a recipe page and add some of our favorite recipes? Both from eMeals and our general rotation? The recipes I make up though... I tend to just throw together with what we have, so that'll be fun trying to figure out how to write it up.

I didn't write this up knowing about the referral plan, but they do have one. So if I piqued your interest, please use the banner below to sign up. Thanks!


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