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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Pumpkin's Bed

Here's the mini reveal of Pumpkin's bedroom! I know, I've mentioned it enough times, you thought it would never get done. And you're probably right. But for now, her floor's painted, her bed's built, and her stuff's back in.. including new bedding. She loves it, but still wants yellow walls and now a pink ceiling.

So without further ado...

I know.. all that hype and it doesn't look much different. But she loves it. Now... to decide on walls.

She really wants a pink ceiling, so we were thinking of maybe doing an ombre look going from the floor yellow to the softer pink on the bed (bottom - up). Similar to this, only upside down and pink instead of orange at the opposite end.

The technique doesn't seem as specialized as the gingham look she wanted before, but would that be too much color everywhere? Do an accent wall? If so, which wall? The big, blank wall behind the tree so you can see it, or behind the bed so the design on the headboard can pop out?

Oh decisions, decisions.

Paint's on sale right now, too... So I must decide. And fast!


  1. I think behind the bed would be cute so the headboard will stand out! But then some of the wall will be missed bhind the bed.

    1. Same thoughts we were thinking. Thus the

  2. It looks so awesome! I love it. Good job!