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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Fall Decorating

If you follow any other blogs, you may have realized that the elite few do home tours and link up to each other. I'm still new to the game, so I'm not invited, but rather inspired by all these wonderful decorators. They really make my fingers itch to get in there and put things together into something beautiful.

Having cats and curious children means I have to be creative, too. I.E... everything must be up or behind.

So I'll show you my little pieces of decorating (that changes every day, and has since taking these pictures) and then link you up to other people that do it way earlier and more fabulously than me.

Maybe next year, I can be on the ball and be invited to it. I'm sure that'll make me do more.

Get ready for photo overload....

I think I have a nice mix of fall and Halloween. And yes, there's that Elf on a Shelf. He definately belongs with Halloween. What do you think?

And kick off looking at other beautiful pouch inspirations here and go through the list this week. You won't be disappointed. It's fun to see how so many different people and decorate so differently with the same directions to follow.


  1. Love this... and I sympathize with the cats thing. They have been chewing on fake spiders over here for weeks. Haha!


    1. Mine have gotten better about messing with my stuff. But that copper pot of fake flowers used to be on the dining room table.. they would go up on it and chew the leaves.. and the burlap on hanging on the one side of the table and frayed a good bit.. my guess.. the cats. But they haven't touched the real flowers or pumpkins yet... Fingers crossed!