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Monday, October 7, 2013

Road Stripe Yellow

Anyone else a huge fan of Boy Meets World? I'm sure you are. Do you remember the episode "What A Drag" (season 7, episode 11) where "After Jack and Eric rat out a campus goon, they find life a "drag" when they pose as women— ugly women— to escape his clutches. Meanwhile, Topanga deals with Cory's horrible attempts at decorating the apartment, including road stripe yellow paint and a trip to Cork World."

No? Don't remember? How about this? Sound's a bit off, but it's the whole episode.

Now do you remember? This episode certainly crossed my mind when Pumpkin informed me that she wanted yellow floors, yellow walls, and a white ceiling for her room.

What?! Not only that... she wanted her floors painted gingham.

Like this:

We compromised with a solid yellow floor for now, and if it ends up being too yellow, I might add the gingham pattern in white over it... if I can ever find the mixing glaze I need.

The whole time picking out the color, all I could think about was Cory's adventure painting their place Road Stripe Yellow.

I'm still not sure if it's going to look like that or not, but here we are... yellow painted floors!



That's just one coat. I did get a second coat on, but couldn't get in to take a picture without the girls trying to get in there, too. Not quite Road Stripe Yellow, more like Sunflower to me, so hopefully the rest gets pulled together well.

Either way, after Pumpkin saw it, she ran downstairs just to tell me "Thank you for my yellow floor, Mommy. I love it soo much!" and gave a tight squeeze before running back up for her bath. It is worth all the yellowness in the world for that!

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