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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Easy Fall Craft for Kids

You saw my mantel yesterday, right? Did you see the banner strung up on it?

Didn't pay attention? Ok.. here you go:

Cute, huh? We all made it... together. Even Brian got in on the action.

It's was a fun little quick activity for the girls before bed. After the mantel was up, I looked at it and looked at it and was like "something's missing.. I don't have time to print anything out or.. do I have ribbon... ooohhh wait!"

Yes, that's the conversation I said out loud about 10 minutes before bedtime. Then proceeded to get a random giant piece of paper I happened to have on hand (from figuring out which size window to buy.. I knew it would come in handy one day), laid it on the floor and told the girls to "color it completely".

They wanted us to help, so we all sat around it and colored. It was nice.

Then I cut it in biggish stripes and folded sections in half and roughly cut out leaf-like shapes. There was no real thought process or planning involved. It was blind cutting.

And because I had no ribbon on hand, I pulled some strings from the edge of the burlap table covering. It was already fraying from the cats, I just made it prettier on that side.

Poked holes in the leaves with a small screwdriver (I think it was, it was really weird looking) and strung different length loops of string through it. Let Pumpkin string them all together and taped to new mantel. That's it. Super easy and gives off the right vibe I was going for: Homemade art project.

And it flutters in the breeze like real leaves. I think we'll be doing something similar for every holiday now.

You could do any color or shape really. Trees and stars for Christmas. Snowflakes for winter. Hearts for Valentine's Day. Etc.. Free form the shapes or find a clip art and print them out. But the best part was just doing it together and watching the girls look excited when it got displayed like art on "mommy's new mantel".

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